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A Political Perspective Of Awakening Consciousness

What if the political circus that you are seeing playing out right now is simply another platform on which to awaken your consciousness and see the world, and yourself, from a new expanded perspective?

Our level of consciousness informs everything; it determines the reality we experience, both internally and externally.

When asked “Where do you stand politically?”, here is my response:

“My perspective is one of consciousness.”

It’s about each and every one of us taking personal responsibility and having the courage and willingness to look within; to examine and release our own darkness, our own demons, our own fear, our own hatred and prejudice, our own judgements, our own desire to assign blame towards things outside of ourself. This is true across the board, not simply with politics.

(*Note: Taking responsibility is not about blame.)

Remove the distortions and broaden your perspective

When you return to the light, and the truth of who you really are, underneath all the fear and programming and distortions, you find only love and connection. From a space of anger, hatred, separation, and battle, you find more of the same negativity that is so undesirable in the first place.

This makes it crucial to consciously choose your thoughts, to examine your beliefs, to clean up your emotional reactions, and to be aware that your language, and the energy you bring to things, is powerful and impactful beyond what you might even imagine. Expanding the perspective you view something through allows a broader vision to be seen. This means that what you see changes, and new possibilities emerge.   

Be aware of your vibration

We live in a vibrational Universe. Our beliefs and our vibration co-create the reality we experience. The thoughts you think, and the emotions you express, paint both the external landscape you see manifesting around you and inform the quality and tone of your inner world. This is because the Universe mirrors and reflects back to you your own level of consciousness. So as long as you stay in the struggle and negativity of fighting against the external world, you will be trapped in a prison of your worst nightmares.

Want to see the external world change? Awesome.

Start by cleaning up your own inner world and then, from a clear and aligned space, take the inspired actions towards co-creating the world of your most beautiful dreams. It takes great courage to examine your personal consciousness, your emotional reactions, and your triggers. It is totally worth it when you reach the other side having alchemized the struggles that seem immovable when you are entangled within them.

Question your perceptions

If you find yourself entangled in judgment or conflict, ask yourself some questions:

Are you sure that the space you are coming from is not simply a hall of mirrors you are stuck in that is reflecting illusions and distortions? Is there any possible benefit you receive, on some level, from blaming and judging other people, instead of looking within yourself at why this affects you so deeply? How do you know that what you are judging as “wrong” or “bad” isn’t the most direct way to the personal and collective freedom, liberation, and empowerment you are seeking? What if the bigger picture required this experience in order for an expansion of your personal consciousness and one on a global scale?

If you are feeling really brave around your judgment or conflicts, ask yourself:  “How is this also within me?”

You might be surprised at the reflections you see – in which case be very gentle and  loving with yourself, as this is not about blame, and you are not wrong or bad. The more you are able to drop your defenses and be honest with your answers, the greater potential you will create to allow for a shift in your consciousness to occur.

New times require a new approach

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

We live in a quantum Universe where changing the way you look at things, changes the things you look at.

As we enter the new paradigm, it is time to start shifting how we view the world, and in such, the way we each approach conflict and the things we don’t agree with. You are infinitely more powerful as a creator than you realize, and when you do become aware of this, your entire world will expand and transform right before your eyes. Quite possibly blowing your mind in the process.

So as the old paradigm shatters and falls away, you can consciously choose to embrace the new energy that is coming to the planet with an open heart and creative mind; seeing solutions instead of problems; seeking to expand your perspective; moving outside of your box of limitations; seeing the world through fresh eyes. Because you are a part of the collective with the power to co-create an entirely new consciousness; one that can lift all of us above the lower vibrational frequencies; one that creates a new empowered story for humanity.

This is all part of what I call, The Alchemy Of Awakening.

Diana Rose Kottle

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