About Me

☆ My Philosophy, Passion, & Purpose ☆

★Creative Visionary ★ Consciousness Architect ★ Soul Alchemist ★

I help people align with their soul’s truth, so they can live their highest vision and impact the world.

My writing, teaching, and coaching/consulting practice bridges depth psychology + embodied spirituality + consciousness technology. I use heart centered connection, authenticity, playfulness, and imagination as portals into awakening, expansion, and inviting in new possibilities.

You are here to shine brightly; to awaken to and embrace all of who you truly are; to be and express your specific energetic soul signature; to authentically share your unique voice with the world.

I see life as a process of discovering who you really are underneath all of your conditioning, your social programming, and your learned limitations.

This includes becoming more conscious and aware of your language, your intentions, your choices, and your vibrational frequency. It involves pulling back the veil, removing your mask, and being willing to see the truth that is often hidden.

The way you show up and share your message, is as important as the message itself. The vibrational frequency you emit (how you are and be), creates the essence of the transmission behind your words. Learning how to express your authentic truth in a way that is honest, connective, and embodies love, creates a beautiful ripple of positive change both internally and in the world around you.

I believe in magic, I connect with the angelic light, and I understand the power of clear, aligned intentions. Through being exactly who you are and be, and allowing your soul to shine, you gain access to higher vibrational frequencies of healing light and the creative flow of spiritual information available.

☆ My Work In The World ☆

I empower you to step into the fullness of who you really are underneath any distorted perceptions of self, limiting beliefs, learned conditioning, and social programming.

I use a mind-body-spirit approach to transformation and well-being, sprinkling in the magical and connecting with angelic light. When working with me, you will learn how to align with your soul’s truth, so you can live your highest vision and impact the world.

My professional training and education includes a BA in Psychology, an MA in Counseling Psychology, and a License in Marriage Family Therapy.

I write for The Huffington Post,  Wake Up World, and  The Teen Mentor. I am the author of Drop Into Your Heart: Unlock A World Of Infinite Possibilities.

I see clients worldwide via Skype and phone.

☆ A Glimpse Into My Story of Awakening ☆

At age 33 I attended a week long seminar where I learned how to move into my heart and through this space, access and play in the quantum field of infinite possibilities. This led to a profound spiritual awakening. I walked into the seminar as one person, and emerged transformed. My reality bubble was burst, and as a result, my entire life changed.

The way I perceived information shifted; I began seeing the world as an expanded energy grid. When people spoke, I could hear and see their limiting beliefs as word bubbles coming our of their mouths. I immersed myself in a world of magic and miracles, discovering that I was truly a co-creator of my own reality. I began taking full responsibility for everything that was happening and stopped blaming the external reflection for my challenges and struggles. I started to see the blessings and the opportunities for growth in everything, even the pain.

This is what prompted me to leave the labels and limitations of traditional psychotherapy behind, to release a large part of my skepticism about energy and the Universe, and to become both a writer and Transformational Life Coach. While maintaining my professional therapy license, I began writing and coaching people to help them move out of their current box, to expand beyond their labels and limiting beliefs, to empower them to release their pain stories, and to create + birth their visions into form.

☆ Education & Professional Training ☆

I’ve always been curious about relationship dynamics and how our minds work. I never fit into the traditional box, and after dropping out of high school at age 16, I went to college early and began studying psychology.

I received a bachelors degree in psychology from Sonoma State University where I took classes in Gestalt Therapy, Jungian Psychology, Group Process, Abnormal behavior, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology.

I went on to receive a masters degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. Post Masters, I spent several more years training and gathering hours seeing clients for licensure. During this time, I worked on a childhood trauma team and with general issues including addictions, eating disorders, body image issues, personality disorders, depression and anxiety, and with relationship issues of all kinds.

In 2010 I became a Licensed Psychotherapist in the State of California.

While I received my training and education in counseling and psychology, I worked in private homes as a professional nanny for 17 years, which gave me an inside view into family systems and the relationship dynamics that go on behind closed doors.

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