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Aligning With Your Soul’s Authentic Truth

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It’s often more simple than you may think


I Just finished a power packed *Deep Dive Soul Alignment VIP day* (yeah that’s an actual thing!) with an awesome soul mate client.

I am in such gratitude + awe at what emerged.

I had NO idea that being authentic + truly living into my joy, would translate into an actual biz…

Where I get paid to help people align with their soul’s true purpose + birth their creative visions into form.

That being authentic + living my joy, would not only help me get clear on MY soul’s purpose, but that it would allow me to help others to get clear on + live theirs as well.


You see, for so long I needed things to be “perfect” before I could move forward. 

I wanted the entire picture to be crystal fucking clear before I took a step.

I can be pretty stubborn and willful.

So I dug my heals in and basically refused to take action until the “perfect alignment” emerged.

I stayed stuck in a state of analysis paralysis for a long ass time, waiting for the perfect aligned Divine timing to strike like lightening. 

Thing is, the timing is rarely ever gong to be “perfect”.

AND we often can’t see the full picture until step 7.

It literally can’t emerge until we start moving forward…


When I started tuning into my heart and listening to my soul from a clear aligned space, instead of struggling to create something from my head that I thought I “should” be doing based on what everyone else was doing or on my credentials and formal education….

I started receiving clear messages as to what MY soul’s truth and purpose really is.

My essence clearly presented itself to me. The simple message was:

“Be Authentic”


At first I didn’t listen because I didn’t understand it.

How the actual fuck does one monetize Authenticity?! And what does that even mean?!

I couldn’t wrap my head/mind/brain around how just showing up authentically was ever going to create an actual biz for me.

In fact, I was actually TOLD by people that showing up authentically and “over sharing” was a biz killer and that I was stupid for being so publicly vulnerable and casually dressed.


Even though I kept receiving the CLEAR message from my soul to simply “show up and be authentic“, I kept living in and from the limiting story loop in my mind that said:

“I need to find my clarity first”.

Translation: “I’m really fucking terrified of doing it wrong + failing + NOT ever living into my vision and purpose.”

For a long time I did the dance of invisibility while I flirted w dipping my toe in the river of truth + infinite possibilities.

And this looked like me playing fucking small.

When I finally started taking the aligned inspired *AUTHENTIC* action steps I was being shown, the next step and then the next, revealed themselves.

The picture began to come into form.

But I had to Trust + and to leap, well beyond my comfort zone. FIRST.


I am now legit creating and living my dream biz + working with soulmate clients.

I get to show up + be authentic + speak my soul’s truth, boldly + with love.

I get to create from my heart space and allow what organically wants to emerge.

I get to attune deeply to my intuition and inner knowing, allowing my soul to speak through me in miraculous ways.

And in the process of being exactly who I am and be, and shining my light brightly, I help my clients achieve the same results.

And together, as bright Lighthouses, we are impacting the world in ways that inspire, empower, and awakening the consciousness of humanity.

Hell to the Yeah!

So my love, if you have a deep soul calling that is stirring inside of you TAKE A STEP TOWARD THIS NOW!

AND if you would like the support of a kick ass creative visionary (me) to help you finally get clear + confident + aligned around your soul’s vision, so you can actually bring this into form…

Click this link and let’s get started! 

And as always…

Show up courageously. Be authentic. Speak your soul’s truth. Unapologetically. And with Love.

Diana Rose Kottle

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