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How To Consciously Navigate Through Dark Times

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Collectively on the planet we are moving from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’ consciousness. As this shift in consciousness occurs, it is important to understand and remember that healing your own personal issues does affect and contribute to healing the entire collective.

Your individual energetic frequency, creates a ripple in consciousness; the way you take care of yourself, influences and affects others. It is time to find your personal grounding and balance, to not only weather the storm, but to rise above it as a beautiful rainbow of light.

The energy on the planet is extremely intense, dense and dark right now.

It seems everywhere I turn, people are in massive emotional turmoil and major upheaval on some level. This ranges in degree of intensity and spans the spectrum from feeling sad and lonely; to being so sensitive and empathic, constantly picking up on the collective fear; to feeling depressed, anxious, worried, hopeless, angry and frustrated (even downright furious), as life is simply not behaving in a fashion that is comfortable, nor easy to navigate at the moment, by any stretch of the imagination.

You were not born to be miserable or to suffer, or to constantly spin your wheels, exhausting yourself, as you try to avoid pain.

You were not created to live in fear and constant struggle and separation, projecting bucket loads of anger and resentment and judgments onto the people around you. You were not designed to live in a world full of toxins and chemicals, with heaps of unconsciousness and control programming and fear being dumped on you at every turn. Feeling awful in your own skin, isolated in your pain, and scared about your lack of health and/or abundance (on multiple levels), is not what you came here to experience.

Yet this is what we are seeing out-picturing and manifesting in the world around us. This is the reality that we can get trapped in and start to believe is the only way things can be. We forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, because we don’t remember who we truly are.

We live in a toxic soup and have become emotionally toxic and dis-eased as a result. Our world has become a cosmic joke.

Among other things, we are watching a crazy chaotic circus full of outrageous and ridiculous daily political antics play out before our very eyes — from those in positions of great power, the very people who are supposed to be the ones leading our country and representing our freedom.

Clearly we’ve gotten off track.

Yet these figures whom we want to blame and project our outrage onto, are simply reflections of the distortions in the collective consciousness of humanity, manifesting externally, showing themselves in a physical tangible visible form, that is sure getting us to wake-up and pay attention.

Things have become so absurd that we are collectively drowning in a sea of madness, desperately searching for a life raft to bring us back to shore. We are looking for the light switch, in an attempt to shed some sanity and sense on the darkness that is quickly multiplying and spreading across the landscape like nasty little water soaked gremlins.

Mostly, we accept it, having come to believe that this is “just the way things are”. Or we feel completely powerless, having no idea how to change things. We sink into deeper despair, falsely believing that our individual voice could not possibly affect change, when nothing could be farther from the truth. We mistakenly believe that we must suffer in silence and ‘suck it up’ and stuff down our misery and toxic emotions, because what else are we going to do?

The truth is, there is a solution to your individual and our collective pain; there is a way through the darkness.

It starts with getting really honest with yourself about who you are and how you are personally showing up in the world. It’s time to stop eating your feelings, or self medicating them away (temporarily) via alcohol, drugs, sugar, television, etc. (insert your personal numb out vice here), only to have them pop back up with even more force and vigor, keeping you stuck in the same downward spiraling loop of destructive behaviors and emotional chaos.

It is time to reclaim your personal power and own your worthiness.

It is time for you to embody mindful awareness and soulful connection, to embrace your spiritual essence, to find balance between your mind and your heart and your soul, to release the toxic limiting beliefs that say you are unloveable, unworthy, and not good enough. You need to begin and to continue shining your light, oh so very brightly.

You must move away from fear and find your personal empowerment, improving and enhancing your daily experience and increasing your overall joy and happiness. When you do this, you raise our vibrational frequency, which affects those around you (and the world) in positive ways as well. You actually start to feel and see real improvements in your life.

You are here to be exactly who you are, to express your true authentic nature, and to experience and enjoy this beautiful world of contrast.

This means learning to love the darkness, embracing your shadows, shining your light even when it feels dim — digging deep and finding the beauty, teachings, and opportunities for growth in everything you are tempted to judge as “wrong” or “bad”. It is time to forgive yourself and the people in your life, those you want to blame for your unhappiness and your problems, and to embrace how powerful and worthy you truly are.

By owning your personal power and doing your part in improving your own well being, you create a ripple of change that has far reaching potential for the entire collective consciousness.

It is essential to get your own life in order now, as the intense planetary energies are only increasing; the tides are changing and the waves are getting choppier. The sooner you release the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energetic internal sand bags of garbage you are lugging around ― which are holding you down and keeping you mired in the lower vibrational frequencies of fear, scarcity, and lack consciousness, creating more of the very energies you seek refuge from ― the quicker you will notice a positive shift and improvement, an upward movement in your life.

Starting to move up toward the light, and reaching toward those things that bring you joy, inner peace, and a sense of fulfillment, is a great first step. Focusing on what you love and are grateful for, is a wonderful way to invoke these energies.

Learning how to create a balance of mindfulness, embodiment and soulful connection ― and to begin shining your inner light brightly, fearlessly and with shameless authenticity ― is what moves you off the dank muddy river bank and into the beautiful flowing river of abundance. It is from this space that you can access the potential to co-create an amazing life, which in turn influences and impacts all of humanity.

It is important to reach out for help when you are drowning. You do not have to do this all alone or keep treading water, pretending that you are ‘fine’, when you are clearly not okay.

I understand this journey well, having traveled and traversed through many layers and levels of darkness and chaos, emerging more awake and more deeply transformed than I even imagined possible. It is a humbling journey and there is light throughout the tunnel. Things can, and do, change. It is a process, in which you must continue to claim how powerful, how wonderful, and how perfect you are in this moment, exactly as you are. Reach out for the support you need to clean up your stuck points, and take the inspired actions that lead you towards manifesting your personal empowerment, freedom, and transformation.

This process, of releasing your darkness and moving towards the high frequency light, that is available to each and every one of you, is part of what I have come to call, The Alchemy of Awakening. And so it is. Aho. Amen.

Diana Rose Kottle

– Originally published on  and Wake Up World

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