Emotional Wellness Counseling


Welcome! I’m happy you found your way to me. 

My name is Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT. I am a Licensed Psychotherapist working as a coach with clients worldwide online.

I have a holistic approach to emotional wellness, and focus on integrating mind, body, and spirit.

In our sessions together, we will identify and address the main stressors and areas of your life that are feeling overwhelming, chaotic, out of balance, and potentially getting in the way of your healing and living a joyful healthy life.

I support you in understanding the useful messages your emotions hold, shifting your negative thought patterns, releasing your limiting beliefs, and healing the mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that may be contributing to your health issues and life challenges.

I will create an emotional wellness plan specific to you, and teach you simple tools and daily practices to help support and empower you through your ongoing healing process.

Iva Tashlick

“With Diana’s help I was able to clear out the various things that were in the way of being at ease. Now I can just relax and celebrate ease as my touchstone, the thing that is the best for me and is my most powerful state. In that ease state, all my greatest gifts and powers can flow through me.”

My Role Is To See Where You Are Stuck & Help You Feel Better!

This can include:

☆ Resolving the emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks to your healing

☆ Healing relationship issues such as: people pleasing, co-dependance, communication breakdowns, shutting down emotionally, abuse.

☆ Identifying and changing your negative self-talk

☆ Simplifying your life and reducing your overwhelm

☆ Learning to listen to your body

☆ Learning tools and mindfulness practices

☆ Learning to open your heart and love yourself

Creating Your Emotional Wellness Plan

♦︎ I help you get crystal clear on what you DO want in your life.

♦︎ We identify what is not working, where you are currently experiencing challenges, and how to shift this.

♦︎ I support and guide you, as you move through the obstacles blocking your flow and movement towards health and wellness.

♦︎ We discover your strengths and I teach you how to regularly access a more empowered state of well-being in all areas of your life.

♦︎  As a result, you feel more empowered and are able to access more of what you truly desire.

“Working with Diana has been so transformational and supportive. She has the ability to tap into what your soul really needs and provide you with inspirational guidance. When you make an investment in one of her services, you are really making an investment in yourself. I’m so blessed to have her in my life.”

☆ Schedule Your Initial Consultation ☆


Book Initial Consultation $165

Sessions are done over Skype or phone, allowing us to conveniently connect from anywhere you are located.

(Initial Consultation is 45 min)

Once you’ve made your purchase, please email me to schedule a time.

Melissa Lapides

“Diana is a gifted coach who “sees” with laser sharp intuition. My life has changed in magical ways since meeting Diana. She has the ability to guide you right to the depths and helps evoke a new energy to emerge. Her guidance helped me resolve many core issues. She holds a compassionate, safe space for transformation, being one of the most gifted practitioners I’ve ever had the honor to work with. A true angel. I highly recommend Diana as a guide for anyone looking to awaken and evolve.”

What Happens In Our Initial Consultation?

The initial consultation gives us an opportunity to meet (via Skype or phone) and get a feel for each other. It allows me to get a better sense of who you are, what you need, and how I can best support your transformation and emotional wellness goals.

During the initial consult, I want to hear from you about the challenges you are having and what you’d like to experience instead. I’ll identify what I see as the main elements (emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks) that may be contributing to your imbalances and keeping you from accessing and embodying the healthiest and happiest version of you.

At the end of our initial session we will discuss the ongoing support that will work best for you. I will create an emotional wellness plan specific to you, which will be adjusted as your needs change and evolve.

☆ Schedule Your Initial Consultation ☆


Book Initial Consultation $165

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