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How Many Actual Fucks Do You Give?

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 How many actual fucks DO you give…?

I’m realizing that there is some GOLDEN TRUTH in the ratio that the less actual fucks one gives, the happier and more at peace they become.

To be crystal clear…

It’s NOT that I don’t give a fuck…

In fact, I’ve given so many fucks, for so long, it’s been fucking debilitating.

However, I sure am learning to give a whole lot less of them these days.

After my recent FB post titled:

??❤️? If my fucks offend you…?❤️??

I received an outpouring of awesomeness along with a few righteous judgmental comments + several declarations of being “unfollowed” by some who feel I am “clearly not a lady”.

My message is not “show up and be perfect and act like a refined lady”.

If it were, clearly I would be showing up differently than I do.

It’s surprising to me that anyone who follows me would even think this.


It’s not something subtle that I weave in. Nope.

I shout it out in my live videos and write about it in my articles.

❤️”Show Up. Be Authentic. Speak Your Soul’s Truth. Unapologetically. With Love” ❤️

I share the message. And I live it.

Sprinkling in the occasional aligned “fuck” does not detract from my message or brand.

It enhances the AUTHENTICITY + realness that I advocate for in others + show up and BE myself.

The emerging golden gift…

In this process of boldly showing the fuck up and vulnerably sharing my truth, I am truly seeing that the less actual fucks I give, the happier I am and be.

It’s a process of de-fucktifying the clutter that I have (yes ME) allowed to color and shape my world. For way to fucking long.

I’ve allowed the deafening noise of judgmental opinions to roar in my head.

This has kept my light dim + kept me crunched up in crippling pain in a box that stifled the vibrant life force out of me.

It’s soul sucking to conform to other peoples “should’s” when they are based in shame + fear.

And you know what I have to say to that?


And Fuck Shame.

And double fuck the shame filled should’s.

So yeah, through all of this I am realizing that there is some golden truth in the ratio that the less actual fucks one gives, the happier and more at peace they become.

To wrap…

If you are not in the arena, I am NOT interested in your critique.

And if you ARE in the arena, and simply want to be antagonistic, I’m not interested in that either.

And if you don’t have a clue what my message is or how I actually show up in the world and why, find out.

I want to have authentic conscious conversations with other awakening souls who understand and resonate with the true essence of my message.

Who also want to show up boldly, shed the shame, and learn to be comfortable in BEing their true authentic self… not twist themselves into pretzels to conform to be someone or something they are not. Simply to please the fucking masses.

Because I’d rather be happy, I am learning to give less actual fucks about the external noise that doesn’t really matter.

I was inspired to turn my post “??❤️? If my fucks offend you…?❤️??” into an actual article.

You can read it here.

This is all part of what I call, The Alchemy Of Awakening.

– Diana Rose Kottle [ Originally published on Truth Alchemist ]

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