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If My Fucks Offend You…


I received this comment today:

“Is there really need for all the f—–g?”

This was asked on a vulnerable public post on Facebook in which I shared a photo of myself teary eyed and wrote about my intense experience around the full moon + eclipse energies.

I used the word “fucking” two times.

In regards to my tears being “fucking gorgeous” and leading to my “fucking freedom”.

My response to this comment was:

“Indeed, there sure is.”

I was promptly “unfollowed” and they made sure to let me know.

This is not the first person I’ve offended with my fucks and it won’t be the last…

You see, This is not my first rodeo.

Whenever I stop playing small and start powerfully speaking truth, people wake up + pay attention.

And some get #offendedAF

Sometimes what I say is shocking to the system of those who are not ready for or aligned with my awakening message.

It feels disruptive to the status quo social programming that feels normal to stay asleep in.

I’ve always been a natural leader and it’s part of my souls calling to inspire, empower, and awaken consciousness, for others to remember who they really are and step into their own true authentic soul expression.

And this shakes the apple cart and often tips it over.

Especially as I lead by real raw vulnerable authentic example.

As I take off the mask.

As I speak my soul truth.

As I am #vulnerableAF, and share this publicly.

Sometimes I sprinkle the occasional “Fuck” into my writing and live videos.

Some LOVE + deeply resonate with my authentic raw expression and message.

Some reject it completely.

Others tend to choke on it a bit and attempt to shame or censor me or control specific aspects of what I say and how I say it.

I see this reaction arise around both “being too vulnerable” and “using the word fuck”.

Because it makes some people #uncomfortableAF.

Here is my truth:

I use the word fuck for emphasis and expression, not with anger or aggression.

I use it when and where it feels aligned.

There are no F bombs being dropped towards humans.

I am not projecting or directing this word AT people as a weapon.

Rather I am using it towards concepts like Shame and perfection and fear.

To shine light on the bullshit.

Because yeah….

Fuck shame.
Fuck perfection.
Fuck fear.

Fuck it all with fierce + powerful LOVE.

It’s about time we alchemize that shit.

So If you take issue with this word, you are welcome to tune it out and/or tune me out.

You get to honor your truth.

I’m going to honor mine.

Without apology.

This explanation is intended for the sake of clarity to help give a framework in which to better conceptualize who I am and how I be.

I’m simply done allowing other people to censor and stifle my authentic expression because it upsets their delicate sense of “right” and “wrong” and makes them feel uncomfortable.

That shuts me down and turns me into a robotic fear based people pleaser who is then always looking outside of myself for direction + instruction on how to be and what to say.

Well Fuck that shit.

Because this serves no one.

I did that for way too long and it was fucking painful.

And that breads dis-ease.

I wrote a powerful piece last year called “You didn’t come here to fucking play small”.

For the version published on The Teen Mentor this month, I omitted the word fuck from the title + the article.

Because that felt aligned.

You can read the original fuck version here.

So to wrap….

If my fucks offend you, while that is not my intention, it is also none of my fucking business. It is all yours to handle.

Because Truth isn’t always fucking pretty.

Sometimes it’s a beautiful fucking mess.

Diana Rose Kottle

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