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Matthew Cooke

“I just did an archetype reading session with Diana. I’ve done work with therapists, psychics, astrologers, and numerologists, and this was by far one of the most magical sessions I’ve done.

I knew with her years as a therapist, healer and coach that it will be helpful, but I really had no idea until I DID the session, how powerful her archetype readings are.

She was so intuitive about my current life situations, and where I’m headed in life. The cards gave me a deeper understanding. Of who I am, and what my strengths and weaknesses are. I now feel like I have a deeper understanding of aspects of me that I want to flourish in this season of my life. The parts I want to emphasize and grow after this session with Diana.

Diana was able to seamlessly piece together my archetypes, and share with me a good sense of where I’m headed. Thank you Diana.” ~ Matthew Cooke


Dave Gieselman

“Last month I had a Soul Essence Archetype + Gene Keys session with Diana Kottle. I am a natural skeptic and cynic, but have nothing but respect for Diana and her talents, so when she asked me if I wanted a session, I decided to go for it with an open mind, totally open to whatever the experience would be. I was intrigued by the process of the Soul Essence Archetype cards and what they revealed.

What was interesting was that her process revealed truths about me that I tend shy away from or deny because somehow they seem egoic. The picture that the cards painted of me felt so natural and in alignment it was disturbing. Then she added in the Gene Keys to complete the picture and despite being completely different, unrelated modalities, utilizing different sources of information, they were completely congruent.

My experience with Diana was extraordinary. Her ability to explain what she was doing and put me at ease about the process pulled this experience completely out of the realm of “new age-y” nonsense opened up new ways of viewing and engaging my purpose and passion.” ~ Dave Gieselman

Maria Frascone


“While working with Diana for Soul Alignment coaching she used the Archetype cards + Gene Keys as tools to assist me on my journey. Through the exploration with the cards I felt empowered within myself.

Diana’s guidance with both the Archetype cards and the Gene Keys has helped me find deeper clarity into who I truly am at my core, and release the pieces and “old” archetype patterns I was running that are not really aligned with my soul.

Diana has such an amazing presence while working along side you. She will always find a way to show you the innate power we all possess. I am always so amazed by the ideas and realizations that come through when we work with this amazing deck of cards and with the Gene Keys!

Diana is one of a kind & the Archetype cards and other tools simply add to the magical alchemist she is!” ~ Maria Frascone

Amy Moore, PhD, LMFT

“Diana was instrumental in bringing my vision to life, and I couldn’t have gotten my business off the ground if it weren’t for her!

She helped me with my creative process in using these incredible archetype cards, that helped me flush out my personal mission as well as the people who I wanted to attract.

She helped me with my mental blocks with her brilliant gifts in counseling and coaching. And, she helped me literally give form to my vision with her inspired, guided action steps, and constant support throughout our work together.

If you have a calling that seeks so big you don’t know the “how”, I highly recommend working with Diana!” ~ Amy Moore, PhD, LMFT

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